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Tortoiseshell Glaze | White Stoneware


Part of a collection of favourites varying in form, finish, and function, this vase was crafted purely out of curiosity and play. It is designed to be used as a vessel for holding something special, whilst being completely whole as is.

The tortoiseshell glaze takes on a new dimension in sunlight. Combined with its unique silhouette, this piece is best placed in an area where natural light can filter past and create a shadow.


Dimensions: 170mm D x 160 mm H


Handmade on Turrbal country in Brisbane, Australia. 

Scalloped Vase 05

$210.00 Regular Price
$126.00Sale Price


  • This piece was fired to the highest stoneware temperatures with food safe glazes to ensure functionality and durability. Whilst mighty strong, hand washing will prolong the life of your precious sculpture.

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